Project Solar Scope

Solar Max II Campaign

Please click on this link to get a solar telescope for the community.

Why should you donate to this campaign?

  • We can provide astronomy events in the daytime, free of charge and open to everyone.
  • You’ll be able to see our star (the sun) and how it behaves up close and personal.
  • We’ll be able to use the scope at schools to educate students about stars and stellar physics.
  • This is a one-time cost for a scope that will last a very long time and will engage the community and tourists.

Solar Max II Telescope DisplayThe Southern Utah Space Foundation was created a few short years ago to combat a losing battle the Ashcroft Observatory was fighting. Their telescope was damaged, and we didn’t want to see astronomy leave one of the darkest night-sky areas in the United States.

Since that campaign, SUSF has:

  • Fund-raised for and obtained a large community telescope which is free for everyone.
  • Donated more than 40 astronomy books to Iron County schools.
  • Hosted an Astronomy in the Park education series at Discovery Park.
  • Launched a biannual Astronomy & Art series highlighting artists and astronomers.
  • Provided equipment and services at important fundraisers such as the Dash for Nash.
  • Hosted many astronomy viewings around events like the Solstice, the New Horizons Party, the “Supermoon”, and the Perseid Meteor Showers, and continues to host free community events.

Now we’re asking patrons to donate to SUSF to raise money for a solar telescope.

If we can raise enough money for a solar telescope we can provide astronomy events to the public in the daytime as well as at night. The people at Accelerate Funds are providing their service to us at no charge, and this campaign is running entirely off of volunteer efforts, which means that every dollar you donate goes directly to the telescope.


Written by Leesa Ricci, President


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