Run the Solar System 5k Fun Run

Last year we had a BLAST with our first ever 5k Fun Run (the UFO 5k fun run in April 2016) and we raised enough money to buy our coveted Solar Max II Coronado telescope – with which we have had the pleasure of sharing with the community. With it, we can stare at the sun all day long without burning our retinas (living the true dream).


An incredible group of enthusiastic runners!

Run The Solar System 2017:

So for this year, we’ll be doing a 5k fun run at the same place (starting at Veteran’s Memorial Park and going up the Coal Creek Trail) but this time it will be a different theme: Run the Solar System 5k Fun Run (includes Pluto and the Plutoids).

  • Where: Veteran’s Memorial Park, running up Coal Creek Trail.
  • Address: 200 N. 200 E. Cedar City, Utah
  • When: Saturday June 24, 2017 @ 7:30 am
  • For: Everyone! The first wave will be runners, followed by joggers, followed by walkers.
  • How: Sign up at

There are group discounts, and T-shirts available. But can you dress up this time?? Of course! Come as your favorite planet, planet colors, or favorite astronaut. You can even dress as Voyager 1 (it might even help you get all the way through the Solar System!)

If you can’t make it to the fun run but still want to help the Southern Utah Space Foundation through this fundraiser, consider making a donation at:

For questions, contact Leesa at:

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