Jupiter Party May 20th

Join us Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 8 pm at Three Peaks Recreational Area for our night event in May: The Jupiter Party.

We will have our large telescope out. Whether you are already an astronomy enthusiast or just want to come look through some telescopes, please join us.

Make sure to dress warm as the temperature can still drop down at night.

This event is free and open to the public. Everyone is invited and it is free of charge. However, donations help us buy better equipment for the community, and are always deeply appreciated.

We recommend coming right at 8 pm, wrapping up for warmth, and bringing a blanket or chair for additional warmth and comfort. We’ll provide the telescopes.

Directions to Three Peaks from Cedar City can be found here.

We may be at Pavilion 1 or the “visitor’s center” that night depending upon attendance. The Visitor’s Center area is right off the side of the road before you enter Three Peaks Recreation Area. So if you don’t see us here:

three peaks visitors center before you come in

You will see us here (Pavilion 1):

pavilion one map from three peaks

Disclaimer: We stay until everyone leaves, however in the event of inclement weather, we will be there at start time (in this case 8 pm), but if we are rained/snowed out and no one shows up, we typically only wait one hour from start time to call it quits.

Picture Credit: Feature Image is taken from NASA’s gallery of Juno pictures. You can find the picture (and others like it) online here.

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