August 25: Weird Worlds Art/Project Making at Artisans

Join us Saturday August 25 for one last Weird Worlds Art/Project Making at Artisans (Noon to 3 pm). It was so much fun last time! This is FREE and OPEN to the public. No need to bring anything – supplies will be provided by SUSF and Artisans Art Gallery.

Come make some space art with us!

artisans andy and jaitee

Examples from last time:

3_GJ 581 System

Gliese 581 System (only confirmed planets e, b, and c were drawn). White pencil on black pieces of paper, glued to poster board.


Kepler-11 system, all planets shown, star not included. All planets are likely gas planets. Acrylic paint on wooden circles (glued to poster board).

4_J1407b_Super Saturn

One of our favorites, this “super Saturn” in real life has rings that go on for days! Made using perlers and a hot iron.





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