Southwest Astronomy Festival

Join us this weekend for the Southwest Astronomy Festival, September 7-9! Click on the links for the specific events, and remember, it’s FREE and OPEN to everyone!

What events will SUSF be participating in?

Friday, 12-2 pm @ Hunter Conference Building, SUU: Space Debates

Members from the Southern Utah Space Foundation will be involved in the Space Debates on Friday at Noon at the Hunter Conference Building on SUU campus. We will be debating on the merits of going to Mars, cleaning up space junk, and whether or not anyone should be able to send out powerful signals to nearby exoplanets.

Friday, 3-4 pm @ Cedar City Library: Dark Sky Discussion with Dark Sky Defenders 

There’s no astronomy without dark skies, but how do you protect dark skies? Join us for snacks and hob nob with dark sky protectors from all over Utah. Find out about the nuts and bolts behind getting an International Dark Sky status for a national park (or monument!) and what it takes to keep stars in the sky and light on the ground.

Friday, 6-9 pm @ North Elementary: Astronomy Extravaganza 

Fun for the whole family, with lots of kid-friendly activities! Climb into SUU’s Planetarium, build your own constellations (with marshmallows for stars!), and make a Weird Worlds model. After the indoor festivities, we’ll go outside and look through telescopes at the real stars!

Saturday, 12 (noon) @ Cedar City Library: Solar Astronomy

Check out sunspots and solar prominences through a special telescope specifically designed for looking at the Sun. As part of Saturday’s festivities, the Library in the Park will temporarily be the “Library in the Stars” and will host a wide range of astronomy activities both indoors and outdoors from noon to 6 pm, as well as feature astrophotography, dark sky films, astronomy art, and a real meteorite on display. SUU’s indoor planetarium will also be there.

Saturday, 12-2 pm @ Cedar CIty Library: Exoplanet Travel Agent

Join members of the Southern Utah Space Foundation on a journey to the stars and find out about our nearest Weird Worlds in outer space. You’ve never been trapped in a more awesome time-share spiel in your life; learn about exoplanets and consider which ones you might want to visit someday.

Of course, snacks will be provided.

Sunday, 8-11 pm @ Cedar Breaks National Monument: Star Party Finale

Tired from all the astronomy on Friday and Saturday? NO?? Then this party is for you! This gigantic star party will include the talents and telescopes of Cedar Breaks National Monument, the Southern Utah Space Foundation, the University of Utah (and their GIANT 26-inch scope), the Great Basin National Park, and Southern Utah University’s Ashcroft Observatory team.

PARKING IS LIMITED, so please carpool!

All events are FREE and OPEN to the public. No registration necessary. For more information about the Southwest Astronomy Festival, please visit:

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