Space Opera with the SUU Library 11/13/18

Join us Tuesday, November 13 at the Sherratt Library (Huntsman Reading Room, 2nd floor) @ 6 pm for a panel on science fiction and science fact. This event is provided by the SUU Gerald Sherratt Library, and the Southern Utah Space Foundation is excited to partner with them. There will be a sci-fi/fantasy role playing session (Starfinder) after the panel, and an outdoor stargazing session at 9 pm.

Geeks of all types are welcome!


November 13th — Gerald Sherratt (SUU) Library — Huntsman Reading Room
  • 6pm-6:20pm — Video conference discussion with Christopher McKitterick from University of Kansas
  • 6:20pm-7:20pm — Panel on Sci-Fi & Science
  • 7:30pm-9pm — Starfinder roleplaying session (Joy Sterrantino, John Belk, more TBD)
  • 9pm: Stargazing outside the library

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