2019 Space Race 5k Fundraiser

Join us May 11, at 8 pm in Cedar Canyon to run a 5k Fun Run patterned after the Space Race!

Sign Up

Sign up HERE to run the 5k fun run Space Race: https://runsignup.com/Race/UT/CedarCity/SpaceRace5kFunRun

Run an evening 5k in beautiful Cedar Canyon. At the end of the race, we will have a star party! Water, prizes, campfire & marshmallows, and telescopes provided. 

This race is an astronomy-themed race patterned after The Space Race. Citizens and comrades alike are welcome! 

Meet us up the canyon, Hwy-14 at the 2nd bridge, at the Southwest Wildlife Foundation parking area (across from Rusty’s, 2275 UT-14, Cedar City, UT).


Teams/groups are encouraged, and a $10 discount per registrant is given to participants that sign up in groups of 4 or more (limit 20). Since this is the Space Race, consider naming your group after a famous Space Race program/probe. There are so many options. For example:

  • Sputnik: You are fast and first to outer space! (Soyuz)
  • Explorer 1: You are the first to detect the Van Allen radiation belts! (USA)
  • Luna 3: You are the first to see the far side of the Moon! (Soyuz)
  • Explorer 6: You are the first to see Earth from Space and take a selfie! (USA)
  • Vostok 1: You have the first human spaceflight! (Soyuz)
  • Mariner 4: You are the first to fly past Mars! (USA)
  • Venera 1: You are the first to fly past Venus! (Soyuz)
  • Apollo 11: You are the first to walk on the Moon! (USA! USA! USA!)

There are so many possibilities from the actual Space Race! 


  • Race fee is $20 (or $10 per participant when 4-20 people sign up)
  • T-shirts are $15 
  • Star Party is FREE (you are welcome to come 1 hour after the race for the Star Party, which starts at 9 pm)

For our 2019 Events Listing, see: https://susf.org/2019/01/07/2019-list-of-events/


Yourself! And your family. Your friends. Maaaaaaaybe your enemies… 

Water will be provided along the trail, snacks will be provided afterward. 

You should not need a headlamp for this run. Although it is at 8 pm, the Sun won’t be down until almost 9 pm and we’ll have a little light left over even after that. It will be more of an ‘evening run’ rather than a ‘night run’. If you do bring a headlamp, please be aware of the other runners’ vision (please don’t blind people).

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