Mission Statement

The Southern Utah Space Foundation is dedicated to astronomy education and outreach. We provide the opportunity for all people in all walks of life to participate in astronomy. Since this possibility has only recently become a modern reality, we want to reach out to the community with all of the technological advancement of today, so that everyone can have access to astronomy.

We wish to accomplish this through several steps:

  1. Equipment; by providing the community with more access to telescopes, spectrometers, and solar telescopes so that everyone can see the sky more fully.

  2. Technology; by using an automated telescopic array that can bring people in less ideal conditions a clear and interactive picture of the sky.

  3. Education; our ultimate goal is to create an awesome planetarium in the community.

We also wish to reach out with what all of the field of astronomy has given us up to this point by using modern technological means, social media, podcasts, online lessons, and building an international community of space enthusiasts.

Southern Utah is a prime astronomy location because we have:

  • High elevation, which improves clarity.
  • Arid climate, which is best for optical equipment.
  • Dark skies, due to our proximity to the surrounding State and National Parks.

What Have We Done So Far?

Check out the photos below to see the Southern Utah Space Foundation in action.

Obtained a large community telescope which is free and open for everyone.

Parowan Gap Solstice Event SUSF 2015

Donated over 50 astronomy books to Iron County schools.

A few of the books SUSF donated to local high schools

Hosted the Astronomy in the Park Education Series.

Jeremy educating a group on astronomy at three peaks recreational park

Hosted many astronomy viewing events like the Summer Solstice, the New Horizons Party, the “Supermoon”, and the Perseid Meteor Showers.

Andrew using SUSF's telescope to view Jupiter

Engaged in fundraisers, the most fun of which was the 5k alien dress-up fun run!



And raised money for a solar telescope.




Thanks to the generous donations of the community, and the fundraising events from 2016, we were able to raise enough money to buy a Solar Max II.

It allows the community to stare at the sun with safety and ease.

(Pictured: Galileo, portrayed by Antony Covello, at the Cedar City Renaissance Faire looking directly at the sun).

How can you help?

  • Click on this link to donate any amount to SUSF. Every little bit helps.
  • You can also donate through Amazon Smile every time you make a purchase, and Amazon will give us a portion of the proceeds. Just enter Southern Utah Space Foundation as your charity. It costs you nothing, and still helps us.
  • Spread the word! Like us on Facebook, share us online, and help us spread the word to the community.
  • We also take telescope donations (in kind donations), we do private events, we support community events, we do classes on telescope maintenance and the night sky for beginning space enthusiasts, etc. If you are interested in any of these, please contact Leesa at: leesa@susf.org

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